Submission Guidelines

So you’re interested in publishing some science fiction with us? Great! Here are some basic pointers:

1. Grammar, editing is mostly up to you. We have a very small staff, so there’s not much we can do for you here.

2. We accept various formats, but usually .doc or mac Pages would be great.

3. Aside from scifi porn, anything goes, really. The content of your story is entirely up to you. We aren’t the judges here. The unique thing about open source is that you get to vote on the top stories. There is no ultimate “panel.”

4. In general, we’re hoping to receive great stories from writers who are passionate about the science fiction genre. In the realm of cyber space, we hope to create a “nest” of quality stories, helping our community grow. The more feedback we get, the more we can offer you.

5. There is no compensation in money. Instead, you get exposure, praise and critique from the community. In time, we hope to gain relationships with larger scifi communities, which means even greater exposure for you.

6. As far as the details go: Try not to submit novels. Short stories are the primary focus here. Although we’ll have an area where we have novellas, etc. listed. For the majority of stories, we’re looking for 20,000 words or less. It could even be 500 words. Quality, not quantity is our focus.

7. Make sure to tell us if you don’t want your name posted. If you’d rather use your email, account name, or pen name, let us know!

8. Optional: Have a short sentence or two about your story. This will be displayed under blog “summary.”

And finally, the important bit.
Submissions should be sent to rama.ezine [at], they will be posted on the website as soon as possible.
If you have any further query, please refer to the staff page to see how to get in touch with some of us.
Thank you.


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