Posted by: Jeremy D. Johnson | December 26, 2008

Sick Day

-by Shaman sun

Jonathon sat up from his pillow, his mother abruptly tidying his t-shirt and bed sheets as properly as one could make them appear. “You’re late already,” she scolded him, “This isn’t for nothing, you know. You’d be in the living room if it weren’t for that fever.” Read More…

Posted by: Jeremy D. Johnson | December 13, 2008

A Chance Encounter

By: James Hazelton

   The Entity moved silently through the darkness of space, as it had done for the entirety of its existence. It was an example of one of the oldest life forms in the universe, though partly because it was also one of the simplest; its body nothing more than a tenuous cloud of ions and messenger particles held together by the sheer forces of its consciousness. For several million years, it had tracked its way around this and many other stars, blindly and instinctively searching for others of its kind, a search that most would proclaim futile. In the long ages of searching, this particular Entity had found only one other. But now, between the fourth and fifth planets of a small stellar system, its luck was about to change. Read More…

Posted by: Jeremy D. Johnson | December 10, 2008

The Planet of the Miniature Mummies

By Brian Henry

“I’ve seen some small mummies in my day, but this Planet of the Miniature Mummies easily blows away all of my previous bandaged-corpse experiences,” intoned Anthropology Specialist Letitia Stone-Stone, looking over the sandy Ulgan Plain.

Commander Hendricksen turned and narrowed his eyes, looking at Stone-Stone with the piercing, authoritative stare that had made him a favorite with the public speaking instructors at Space Academy.  “How small do you expect these mummies to be, Specialist?”

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Posted by: derrydean | December 2, 2008

Far Reach

by Derry Dean.

The banks of lights stretched as far as she could see in both directions, broken occasionally by access paths for the automata. The only sound was the gentle hissing of the water sprays on waxy leaves, and the ever present gentle humming underfoot.

Even on a ship of six million people, there were places of solitude if you knew where to look. The hydroponics bays took up barely two percent of the volume of the Far Reach, but to Sarah they were big, and more importantly; empty enough. Row upon row on waxy leaved plants sprouted from the artsoil, in pleasingly symmetrical lines, shining from under the suspended lighting gantries. Sarah’s fingers ran gently over the artsoil. If she closed her eyes, she could be anywhere; on earth in a field under the open sky, or some exotic undiscovered planet. The effect was only spoiled when you saw the blue tinge on the soil, or the hydro arms waving silently overhead, between the cables, tubes and wires that snaked down from the cavern roof so far above.

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Posted by: Jeremy D. Johnson | December 8, 2008

Thanks Reddit!

Hey everyone, thanks for coming! As you can see, this truly was a “lift off.” Keep it up. Submissions are starting to roll in.


Posted by: Jeremy D. Johnson | December 8, 2008

Lift Off!

Please excuse the pun, but I think we’re all ready to get started. I hope you enjoy our very first submission, and look forward to seeing many more around here.

For those who are here for the first time: we are open source science fiction. Read More…